Friday, July 27, 2012

Wife of N. Korea's Kim is former singer

In this undated photo released by the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) and distributed in Tokyo by the Korea News Service Thursday, July 26, 2012, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, front left, accompanied by his wife Ri Sol Ju, front right, inspects the Rungna People's Pleasure Ground in Pyongyang. -- PHOTO: AP
SEOUL (AFP) - The wife of North Korea's Kim Jong Un is a former singer who caught the leader's eye while she was giving a performance, South Korean media said on Thursday after Pyongyang disclosed the marriage.

Official media in the secretive state revealed late Wednesday that a stylish young woman pictured accompanying Kim this month is his wife, Ms Ri Sol Ju.
It gave no details about her and did not say when they wed, but analysts said the mere fact that the couple were presented in public marked a new departure for the nation's dynastic leadership.
The world has been scrambling for information about Kim Jong Un since he took over the impoverished but nuclear-armed state after his father Kim Jong Il died suddenly last December.

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