Sunday, December 16, 2012

New song celebrates model Kate Upton’s curvaceous body

celebrates model Kate Upton’s curvaceous body
Kate Upton’s curvaceous body 
Singer-songwriter Victoria Aitken wrote her tune Body as a tribute to British Vogue’s January cover girl.

Victoria commented on Kate’s rare shape among other stick-thin models: "This song is for the Kate Uptons and how they are changing the way we should feel about our body - and she should be celebrated."

The songwriter also talks about how she came up with the idea: "When first reading about some of Kate's earlier crossover coverage from swimsuit into haute couture editorial, it became part of a larger idea about penning lyrics to a song that truly embraces moving freely.

"Dancing is about feeling free, having no inhibitions and just moving on the floor without restrictions and it seems fashion is going that way, too."

Victoria is the daughter of the former British Cabinet minister Jonathan Aitken who was convicted of perjury in 1999 and served a seven-month sentence in jail.

Kate is no stranger to music — you can see her in our video above doing the "Cat Daddy" - a dance created for the hip-hop track of the same name.

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