Sunday, November 11, 2012

Dallas Mavericks Dancers’ new uniforms prove not everything’s bigger in Texas

Dallas Mavericks Dancers
The Dallas Mavericks Dancers perform during halftime of the Mavs' Monday night game against the Blazers. (AP)
Every year, countless NBA players give countless reporters countless quotes about the hard work they've put in during the offseason, usually placing strong emphasis on new wrinkles and features they've added over the summer. For the Dallas Mavericks Dancers, though, the headlines are much more about what they've lost — namely, it seems, some fabric.

After opening their season on the road with a win over the Los Angeles Lakers and a loss at the hands of the Utah Jazz, the Mavs returned to the friendly confines of the American Airlines Center for a three-game homestand. When the Mavericks Dancers made their season debut during a timeout in Saturday night's win over the Charlotte Bobcats, they did so clad in the garments you see above — very white, very sparkly and very limited in terms of torso coverage. Louise Boyle of England's Daily Mail didn't catch the Bobcats tilt over the weekend — some diehard Louise Boyle is — but did notice the outfits' encore appearance during Monday night's game between Dallas and the Portland Trail Blazers:
On Monday night, the cheerleading team took to the basketball court for the half-time show wearing short, white spandex dresses with cut-out panels.
Although skimpy outfits are run-of-the-mill for women who perform the daring and athletic routines at professional sports games, the briefness of the Mavericks new ensembles could raise some eyebrows.
The costumes bring the Mavericks on par with other cheerleaders in the same Texas city — the Dallas Cowboys' dancers, who are known for the briefness of their hemline.
Dallas Mavericks Dancers

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