Sunday, August 12, 2012

US mum sues over breast-feeding video-turned-porn

Ms Maryann Sahoury poses for a photo at her home in Wood Ridge, NJ on Thursday, Aug 9, 2012. Ms Sahoury is suing a production company after an instructional breast-feeding video she appeared in was taken by a third party and used to create pornography. -- PHOTO: AP
FAIR LAWN, New Jersey (AP) - A United States (US) woman is suing after the breast-feeding instructional video she made with her month-old daughter was combined with pornographic footage and posted online.
"It was terrifying," said Ms MaryAnn Sahoury, who said she had seen an opportunity to help women who had trouble getting their babies to nurse.
Last week, a federal judge in New Jersey ruled that a lawsuit Ms Sahoury filed against Meredith Corp, a media and marketing company that shot and produced the video for Parents TV, could proceed.
The lawsuit claims Ms Sahoury was verbally assured her full name would not be used in the video; instead, it displayed MS Sahoury's full name on screen, the suit said.

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