Saturday, January 14, 2012

Malaysia set to be world's No. 1 condom maker

-- PHOTO: REUTERS l A leading rubber industry agency has predicted Malaysia will emerge as the world's top condom producer this year, dethroning Thailand as the market leader.

The Malaysian Rubber Export Promotion Council said Malaysia has captured at least one-third of the world's production, surpassing the one billion mark.

'We can be the world's No. 1 this year due to flood woes in Thailand. Our last year's production figures would have easily crossed a billion condoms,' said Mr Low Yoke Kiew, the council's marketing and development director.
In 2010, Malaysia, the world's fourth largest natural rubber producer, shipped out latex-made sheath contraceptives worth nearly RM300 million (S$124 million), almost tripling the export value in 2005.

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