Friday, October 21, 2011

Thai PM Yingluck tells Bangkok to move belongings to safety

BANGKOK (AFP) - Millions of Bangkok residents were warned on Friday to move their belongings higher up after the government admitted it was failing in its battle to hold back massive floods just north of the city.
In a new tactic, the government has said it will open Bangkok's sluice gates to allow the sea of floodwater to drain through canals in the capital, which has an extensive system of waterways and drainage pumps.

The move should ease pressure on vulnerable flood barriers on the northern edge of the city of 12 million people, but increases the threat to Bangkok, which has so far escaped major inundation.
Residents were advised to move their possessions to higher floors or areas as the capital braced for the arrival of the floods from the central plains, which are several metres under water in places.

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