Saturday, September 3, 2011

Latest WikiLeaks cables include 700 from Singapore

WikiLeaks' decision to publish its full cache of more than 250,000 cables as they were - 'unredacted' - drew criticism from its media partners, who said it was the decision of its founder Julian Assange alone. --PHOTO: AP
Some 700 leaked diplomatic cables from the United States embassy in Singapore have been published online this week, revealing confidential correspondence on a range of issues dating from 2003 to last year.

The cables cover political, economic and security developments, and are based on newspaper reports and conversations that embassy officials had with other diplomats, public servants, journalists and other sources.
While they are not a comprehensive record of American diplomatic interests, they nevertheless offer an insight into the key concerns of embassy officials.
These include the state of media and other freedoms in Singapore, the future of the opposition, and Singapore's efforts in countering terrorism, as well as Chinese, Iranian and North Korean activities in the region.

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