Sunday, August 21, 2011

Censor is like a cancer, says Mallika Sherawat

Mallika Sherawat has always been in news for her sizzling item songs and bold movies. This time around she has gone a step ahead to give competition to item numbers like ‘Munni Badnaam’ and ‘Sheila Ki Jawani’ with her item song ‘Jalebi Bai’. This item number of Mallika’s from ‘Double Dhamaal’ has become a hot favourite among the audience.

“I am not just doing the sexy ‘Jalebi bai’ number in the movie but also have a very good role to play. Also the director Indra Kumar has promised me a role in his next film too. Though the film is yet untitled it will probably have another item number called ‘Chashani’ which will go hand in hand with ‘Jalebi Bai’,” says Mallika jokingly.
Comparing her characteristics to that of the Indian sweet jalebi, Mallika says, “Jalebi is the sweetest and most wonderful dish to relish. It is known for its sweetness and for the typical taste. It has a lot of curves just like me. Or you can say, I am as ‘seedhi’ (straight) as a jalebi.”

Other than ‘Jalebi Bai’, Mallika has recently performed in item numbers like ‘Razia Phans Gayi Gundo Mein’ for ‘Thank You’ and ‘Shalu Ke Thumke’ for ‘Bin Bulaye Baraati’. It seems like the actress has become a professional in adding a sexy touch to flop movies. “It is not like that. I decide to do films and also choose doing item numbers only if I am convinced about them. Also I choose to do an item number because I live solely on my earnings. And if I get some good money doing them then why should I not go for such a great opportunity. Of course money is not the only driving force for me to do the songs, but I do need it for my existence,” explains Mallika.
Katrina Kaif and Malaika Arora Khan have proved themselves as item girls with blockbuster numbers and news is that they are not much in favour of Mallika’s sizzling songs. But competition is something that does not bother this girl.
“If at all any one does not like to watch me dance then they may switch off their television sets or simply not go to watch my films. I am not going to stop dancing just because they don’t like it. Everyone is free to do what they want according to their wish,” says Mallika.
Thanks to her care-two-hoots attitude while exposing on screen and bold scenes, this actress has always been on the Censor Board’s radar. But Mallika does not care much about the restrictions as she says, “The Censor Board with its sharp knife has always been after all my films, since the time I made a debut with ‘Murder’. But it does not matter now. Censor is like a cancer. I will continue to do my job and the Board needs to do theirs.”
Recently this hot beauty had the opportunity to meet the most powerful man in the world, US President Barack Obama while shooting for her film ‘Love, Barack’. Still cherishing the experience, the actress says, “Obama is a true gentleman. He is very simple and interesting in his ways. I feel that President Obama and I have achieved success in a similar way. Both of us have made it big in our respective professions with complete dedication and hard work.
None of us had a ready godfather to help.” Point taken.
Having met him, Mallika’s one wish is fulfilled but she is not satisfied. If she gets the opportunity to meet the President again, she has some great plans. “I am not a very good cook. Once I want to make jalebis and give them to President Obama. Before I can give it to any of my co-stars from ‘Double Dhamaal’, I would want to offer him the sweet,” she says.
Barring ‘Double Dhamaal’, Mallika states that she is not doing any other movie at the moment. “I am very choosy and cannot opt for any role at random. I want to do characters which will bring a difference in me. Ever since I have entered Bollywood the audience has seen me doing different roles,” says Mallika. And she wouldn’t mind turning Hollywood again, that is if given an opportunity. “Bollywood has accepted me and made me what I am today. But if I get an opportunity from Hollywood, I will always opt for it,” she adds.
Having had such a vast experience in life, does Mallika plan to write an autobiography? The suspicion becomes even stronger as recently the news of her being offered money to the tunes of Rs 20 crores to write one had hit the market. “It is true that I have got an offer and I am writing the autobiography. But at the moment I am in no position to reveal any more details. One thing is for sure that the audience will get to read some special things about my life through this book. A girl coming from Haryana and meeting President Obama is a story in itself,” she explains. Indeed it is. We are waiting is all we can say.

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