Sunday, June 26, 2011

KL woos young Malaysians abroad

US college graduate Ms Liew has signed up to teach in Malaysian schools for two years. -- PHOTO: COURTESY OF LIEW SUET LI

ARMED with a degree in psychology from Mount Holyoke College in the United States, Ms Liew Suet Li, 22, does not quite fit the profile of a Malaysian teacher.

But teach is exactly what she will be doing from the start of the school year, after undergoing a training stint.

She has signed up for the 'Teach for Malaysia' programme, which aims to get well-qualified Malaysians to become teachers in high-need schools for two years. 'I wanted to do something fulfilling and meaningful before I get into the rat race of the corporate world, and Teach for Malaysia seemed like a right fit,' Ms Liew said.

Malaysia wants bright young citizens like Ms Liew to return from abroad to work as it seeks to boost its skills base as part of the economic programme to double incomes within 10 years.

Teach for Malaysia, a government-affiliated programme, is one of the many new initiatives launched in the past year to woo them.

And it is not just the government that has rolled out the red carpet. Private companies and political parties too have created a slew of opportunities for young Malaysians as they vie for the best talent.

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