Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Obama 'advertising' Slurpee

US President Barack Obama
 WASHINGTON - GLOBAL convenience store chain 7-Eleven has been getting some free advertising for its signature drink the Slurpee from none other than US President Barack Obama.

Mr Obama has used the Slurpee - a thick, frozen, flavoured beverage that is wildly popular with Americans - in speeches on the campaign trail ahead of next week's midterm elections to illustrate just how obstructionist and ornery Republicans can be.

At a rally at Bowie State University in Maryland this month, Mr Obama said that while his Democratic Party was sweating and pushing to get the US economy out of a ditch, 'the Republicans... are just standing there fanning themselves - sipping on a Slurpee'.

According to some political watchers, Mr Obama has mentioned Slurpees in 20 campaign speeches over the last two months.

On Tuesday, 7-Eleven, which operates in Australia, Canada, China, Denmark, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Sweden, Taiwan and Thailand, as well as the United States, thanked Mr Obama, taking care not to alienate Slurpee-sipping Republicans.

'Slurpee is bipartisan, but we thank President Obama for the free advertising for our popular drink,' 7-Eleven spokesman Margaret Chabris told AFP. -- AFP

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