Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stuck in a jam for 9 days

Since Aug 14, thousands of trucks bound for Beijing on the Beijing-Tibet Expressway have been caught in a massive jam that stretches over 100km. -- PHOTO: CHINAPHOTOPRESS

BEIJING - IT HAS been nine days since the highway jam began and it is still showing no signs of letting up.

Maintenance construction on a separate highway is the major cause of the congestion, said, forcing drivers to the Beijing-Tibet Expressway. The congestion is expected to last for almost a month as construction on the National Expressway 110 is only due for completion on Sept 13.

However, this scene is nothing new for many drivers. In a similar scene this July, traffic was also reduced to a crawl for nearly one month.

Drivers stuck on the highway kill time by playing cards or just wait idly by. But spirits are still being kept up with some drivers joking, 'concerts should be held at each congested area every weekend, to alleviate drivers' homesickness'.

The jam has brought some smiles as well, with nearby residents profiting by overcharging drivers for food. About 400 traffic police officers have been sent to maintain order and to prevent further accidents on the highway, said

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