Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sex clips a wake-up call

Popular Indonesian singer Ariel Peterpan and his actress girlfriend Luna Maya (pic) have both claimed to be victims of defamation in the wake of the sex video scandal. The clips have sparked renewed calls for tighter Internet controls in the country.

JAKARTA - BREAKING his silence on an online sex video scandal that has taken Indonesia by storm, President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono said yesterday he was in favour of tougher regulations on Internet content.

His comments came two weeks after several videos allegedly showing popular local singer Ariel Peterpan having sex with two different women were found on YouTube.

The videos have sparked widespread outrage among the growing number of conservatives in the country.

Speaking to reporters at his presidential palace in Cipanas,�a 90-minute drive from the capital Jakarta, Dr Yudhoyono highlighted the viral nature of the Internet and�said the country could not just stand by and watch its values being 'crushed by the information technology frenzy'.

People have been forwarding the video via Facebook,�while Internet cafes have reported a surge in customers, especially students in school uniform, who looked for the video on YouTube.

Both sites have since removed the videos but at least one clip is still found on other sites, a Straits Times check found.

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