Thursday, September 3, 2009

Teen 'sells' self online

A 19-YEAR-OLD polytechnic student in Singapore has gone online to 'sell' herself in a bid to raise money for her mother's medical treatment.

Both Sin Chew Daily and China Press reported that to advertise her sexual services, the girl, known only as Christine, had uploaded three scantily-clad pictures of herself on her blog.

In the pictures, Christine was half-naked, wearing only a lacy black G-string.

Since the pictures were uploaded on Aug 29, the blog had attracted 170 hits.

There was a separate link to more 'racy pictures' on the blog where one had to pay to view the site.

In her blog, Christine wrote that she hoped to find a man in his 30s and that she was willing to provide him sexual services if he paid for her mother's medical fees.

She claimed that her mother was terminally ill and in need of 'a lot of money'.

She also promised that those interested in her offer would not be disappointed, adding that she was confident of her looks. -- THE STAR

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