Sunday, May 17, 2009

Nobody sparks dance craze

Wonder Girls' hit single Nobody, with its catchy tune and provocative dance steps, has set off a mass dance craze across Asia. -- PHOTOS: INTERNET, COURTESY OF WINNIE WONG

CLUBBERS are doing it. Students are doing it at orientation camps. Contemporary dance studios are getting their instructors to learn it.

'It' is the latest mass dance craze, Nobody, inspired by Korean five-member girl band Wonder Girls and their hit single of that name.

The Nobody dance is featured in the Wonder Girls' music video to promote the infectious bubblegum tune.

Fans across Asia, including Singapore, are devoting hours of practice to copying the exact dance movements of the band, which, with their image of teenage girls in retro outfits and feather boas, have become one of South Korea's biggest pop phenomena.

The preppy yet provocative dance involves synchronised participants clapping their hands, shaking their shoulders and swaying their hips to the catchy chorus, which goes: 'I want nobody nobody but youuuu'.

The cutie-pie Wonder Girls are no strangers to Singapore, having performed at The Korean Pop Night Concert last November at the Singapore Indoor Stadium.

Their Nobody phenomenon started to catch on here earlier this year.

Partygoers are performing the dance in clubs, dance schools are teaching the moves in their hip-hop classes and polytechnic students are dancing it during their orientation camps.

Regular clubber Melissa Wong learnt the dance by watching it on the Internet and says she will do the dance in clubs with her friends if DJs play the Nobody song.

The 21-year-old says: 'It'll be quite cool if everyone dances in synchronised dance steps to this song in clubs and I hope clubs would play it soon.'

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