Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Obama wants new teachers

President Barack Obama will unveil an overhaul of the underperforming US education system, with a goal of restoring America to the top-ranks of learning excellence on Tuesday. --PHOTO: AP

WASHINGTON ? PRESIDENT Barack Obama promoted his costly education overhaul on Tuesday, pressing methodically forward with stimulus and government reform plans in the midst of an imploding economy.

Schools across the nation have been struggling as millions of Americans have lost their jobs, and state and local governments have seen tax revenues tighten. Obama did not propose new spending during the speech, although he already has taken steps on education.

His $787 billion economic stimulus package provides $41 billion in grants to local school districts.

He also plans to send $79 billion in state fiscal relief to prevent cuts in state aid and another $21 billion for school modernization.

In his speech, the president issued a call for a new generation of teachers.

'America needs you,' he said.

'We need you in our suburbs. We need you in our small towns. We need you in our inner cities. We need you in classrooms all across our country,' said Obama, unveiling the first piece of his education plan to the US. -- AP

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