Monday, November 22, 2010

Ivana Trump strips down to her undies on television (video)

Pictures of the nearly nude ex-Mrs. Donald Trump have surfaced on the Internet at showing her in a flesh-toned boulder holder, same-hued undies and high heels.

Four time divorcee Ivana Trump may be a real piece of work, but she’s not shy. The 60 year-old posed in her underwear alongside a 27 year-old model for a “life drawing” exercise on UK’s celebrity Big Brother show. She looked pretty good for 60 and while she’s probably had a lot of help from her surgeon, it wasn’t immediately obvious:

[From NY Daily News]

The last we heard of Ivana she required a police escort from an airplane for cursing repeatedly at some rowdy children. Before that, she was making headlines for divorcing her fourth husband in late 2008, a 36 year-old Italian “entrepreneur” named Rossano Rubicondi. Rubicondi and Trump had a fight just three weeks before their April, 2008 wedding in which they each called the cops.

Good for Ivana for working it! She’s not afraid to wear a bikini and she’ll strip down to her undies on television. Please, just don’t let her realize how much press she’ll get with a well planned upskirt.

Photos and video via The Huffington Post

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