Saturday, September 10, 2011

New Zealand naked rugby team exposed by Spanish women

A Spanish player of Las Conquistadoras (The Conquerors) is tackled by naked rugby players of the Nude Blacks during their match. Image has been censored for graphic content. -- PHOTO: REUTERS

DUNEDIN, New Zealand (AP) - New Zealand's premier naked rugby team has been exposed.
The Dunedin-based Nude Blacks lost for the first time on Saturday, beaten 25-20 by a clothed women's team from Spain.

The Nude Blacks - named for the country's elite All Blacks rugby team - played the exhibition hours ahead of Saturday's World Cup match between Argentina and England at the city's 30,000-seat Otago Stadium.
A more modest crowd of about 1,500 watched the all-male team get outclassed at the less prestigious Kettle Park by the visiting Spanish Conquistadores, who count a pole dancer, a teacher and a student among their number.
Bikini girls a 'distraction' 

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